My Remote Coach

Sprints – Mid-distance – Distance – Hurdles – Throws – Triathlon

My Remote Coach

Sprints – Mid-distance – Distance – Hurdles – Throws – Triathlon

Expert athletics and running coaches to help you achieve your goals


You know what you want to achieve, but are too far from a club, or your career or family commitments do not allow you to make practice time, or you simply want the flexibility to train when YOU want; yet, you want expert coaching, advice and monitoring.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a competitive athlete, and whichever event you are interested in (100m, 10km race, or even a marathon or a hurdles race), our coaches provide you a tailored program, as well as the expert follow up and support you need to achieve your goals.

Flexibility, personalization, follow up and support give you real results, and reduce your risk of injury.

3-Step Method

First step: We discuss with you your current level, experience and technical needs.

Second step: We develop a personalized program for you, based on these parameters, as well as your availability and goals.

Third step: During the program, we remain in weekly contact with you to monitor your progress, provide technical corrections with our video-analysis software and adapt your program if needed.

You missed a session, or you are improving faster than planned – no problem, we adapt to YOU.

Result: Real, fast, measurable gains, while reducing your risk of injury.


With your dedicated Remote Coach, you eliminate the guess work: You are on your way to achieving your best results while reducing your risk of injury – all that for a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer.

Our solutions start at just $89.

After a number of years of road racing, I wanted to focus on track. Paul’s program helped me reach a very competitive level very quickly. His feedback and support made the difference! I have been coached by Paul for 3 years and cannot say enough good things about him.
~Annie, 49, professor

Achieve your potential!

Track and field can be a frustrating sport – a lot of sweat and little improvement if you are not following the right program. So it is important to be coached by experts.

Our running coaches design training plans that are tailored specifically to your personal, technical and physical needs, to ensure you achieve your dream times without hurting yourself.