My Remote Coach

Sprints – Mid-distance – Distance – Hurdles – Throws – Triathlon

My Remote Coach

Sprints – Mid-distance – Distance – Hurdles – Throws – Triathlon


Runners of all ages, and
all levels of experience

Complete beginners wanting a healthier lifestyle; runners with a short-term objective (a specific race, a test or even a bet); and committed athletes wanting to reach the next level. See their testimonials and reviews below:

“I only had three months to prepare for my test. In this short amount of time, you allowed me to gain 300m on my Cooper test. Many thanks.”

David, 26

Police Officer, France

“Ming is my mentor and coach, and I consider myself extremely privileged to be one of his athletes. His individual training plans are often tweaked on a daily basis to accommodate for each athlete’s specific needs. Any success I have achieved in triathlon and cycling would not have been possible without his guidance”

Tyler C., 27

Sales Manager, USA

“Having the expertise of two former Olympians (Paul and Courtney) to guide me through my training via has led me to a half-marathon PB this year, as well as a win in the International Maui 10k race.”

Delilah, 36

Oncologist, Canada

“My remote running coach really took his time to explain each exercise and review my progress from a technical point of view.”

Tim, 48

Chief Strategist, Canada

“My sprint program focuses on all the elements of the race. Chris’s attention to details and focus on technique is exactly what I needed. As a result, I am faster today than I have been in many years.”

Jay, 43

Marketing Manager, Canada

“When I first started out training with Walter, I was a 3:04 marathon runner and today I am a 2:34.32 marathoner. This type of training has helped me be very successful.”

Leanna Lee, 30

Professional Triathlete, Canada

“It is so great to have the coaching, the advice and the feedback that I need, just when I need it.”

Francesc, 42

IT Manager, Spain

“I increased my speed dramatically and saw a huge jump in my endurance. Paul never missed sending me a workout and taught me running strategies and the secrets to running faster. I also had the pleasure of attending the 2009 World Masters Championships with Chris and Paul in Finland. If this planet ever had super heroes, these two are among the elite. Exceptional athletes, outstanding coaches.”

Jordan, 37

Financial Advisor Coach, Canada

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“With My Remote Coach, even with my crazy work schedule, I am still able to train very well. These guys really know their stuff.”
~Chris, 47, pilot