Great sprinters need great coaches

Sprinters are some of the most unique athletes in the sense that their activity requires maximum effort at all times. As a result, they require a very specific type of training, carefully supervised by a sprint coach. A sprinter is a bundle of fast-twitch fibers and power, all working in coordination at the same time. A sprint coach understands how to develop these physical characteristics – along with the technical ones over time. A sprinter needs a coach who understands how to increase his/her maximum speed, but also develop his/her ability to reach this maximum speed in a shorter distance and to maintain this maximum speed over a longer distance.

When a sprint coach starts training a sprinter one of the first things he will do is determine the strengths and weaknesses of the individual. Is the sprinter a fast starter? Does he/she have very good form or does he/she run with a lot of wasted movements? How long does it take for the sprinter to reach top speed and how long can the sprinter maintain his/her form? These are just some of the factors that a personal sprint coach will consider before determining the individual’s training regimen.

One of the best ways to improve the strength and speed of a sprinter is by performing hill running. Repetitions of hill running allow a sprinter to gain power, speed, speed endurance and mental strength. These are some essential elements needed to achieve fast times. For example, speed endurance is necessary at the end of the race, and also because a sprinter may be required to run the same race several times in one day. Hill running also helps develop the mental strength of the sprinter because when his/her legs and arms become tired and reaching the top of the hill becomes more difficult, the sprinter is forced to focus on his/her running form and has to rely on the belief that he/she can reach the top of the hill.

A sprints personal trainer for sprinters also understands the technical aspects of running faster. For example an essential factor of speed is the running technique. For instance, if a sprinter’s arms cross the front of his/her body, instead of moving in a forward-backward motion only, he/she is wasting valuable energy and will not achieve the fastest time possible. A good sprint coach knows the exercises to progressively “clean up” the runner’s technique and teach him/her how to run efficiently with both his/her upper and lower body.

Great sprinters need great coaches. A sprinter can be talented, but if not trained and taught properly, this runner will lose to a better trained sprinter who may not be as naturally fast.

Winning sprinters have great sprint coaches!